Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The B behind the cosplay


WTF kind of rabbit hole did you go down to end up here?

Hi Friends! (scroll to bottom for TLDR)

My name is Erin, the creative personality behind Basic B Cosplay. I am brand spanking new to the cosplay scene. I have always enjoyed making costumes and becoming my favorite characters from pop culture, movies, video games, and comics. I just recently discovered the amazing world of cosplay when I attended C2E2 in Chicago, IL this past March (2016). I debuted my very first cosplay of NoFlutter's Steampunk Harley Quinn. Although I feel like I could have done some things differently, and probably will update this costume to wear again, I really enjoyed the entire con experience. Using this new found momentum and passion I decided to take on a massive costume build for BlizzCon 2016 in November. I am working in collaboration with another creative individual to bring this character to life. In the mean time I plan to film, blog, and possibly live stream my journey from the creation of this first cosplay to jumping in head first to a massive full foam build. While this character is not going to be released until after BlizzCon, I want to update the rest of my cosplay portfolio. As of right now, I do not feel like I have any costumes that are worthy of professional photos with the exception of Harley Quinn. I plan to make a full appearance in 2017 with a full arsenal of cosplays and travel to about 8 different cons in the US. I am looking forward to joining this amazing community of creative and supportive individuals. See you all in the fall!

If you want to know more about me keep reading. If not that's cool too, I wouldn't want to read about me either.

I grew up playing video games and have always enjoyed the "nerdier" side of life. My first console was the Super Nintendo followed by the Sega Genesis. My favorite games on those consoles are obviously Mario, and Sonic. I also really enjoyed playing tabletop PacMan with my dad. It is one of my favorite things to do with him still. A few years later, I got a PlayStation and became obsessed with Crash Bandicoot. I also enjoyed casual PC games like the Sims. I had more fun building houses with the rosebud cheat and killing my characters than actually letting them live out their lives. I also only played SimCity so I could send the monster though the city. I have a thing for explosion, death, and destruction. There is just something so satisfying about destroying an 8-bit city.

Then there was Pokemon. I became OBSESSED with Pokemon. I had to watch the cartoon every Saturday, collect all the cards, play all the gameboy games, I had to collect them ALL. I was fortunate to have  pen pal from Japan that would send me all kinds of awesome Pokemon loot. We would trade all the time through mail. I can sing the Jigglypuff song haha. I don't like to break that out unless I've been drinking. I remember begging my mom to go to Burger King so I could get the gold plated cards that came in the pokeballs. The Pokemon movie was the first time I cried seeing a film. I still love Pokemon and they have some of the cutest new Pokemon like Dedenne and Cinccino. My favorite will probably still be Oddish. I have no idea why I love that Pokemon so much but I just do. Pikachu is also a favorite but it is so popular I like to have other favorites.

Fast forward to high school were I was first introduced to Blizzard games through Diablo II. I spent an entire summer playing that game. My favorite class was the druid because manimal man. I love animals so any character that has pets, animal companions, or is an animal I am going to pick them.

College was my first introduction to FPS games which I am absolutely horrible at. COD and Halo were pretty much what all of my guy friends played so that is what I played. It wasn't until I discovered Castle Crashers that I really became enamored with games again. I played that game from start to finish at least 3 times. Red knight was boss but pink knight is still my favorite. I like the game so much I made the red and pink knight. After that game I purchased an Xbox 360 and played a few different games, mostly from the arcade because I wasn't about to pay $60 for every new game on the market. I really enjoyed Bastion. I have downloaded Transistor but haven't had the chance to play it. Big name games I really enjoyed were Skyrim, GTA 5, pretty much any adventure game.

I have since journeyed into PC gaming. I customized my Dell XPS 8500 by gutting everything but the MOBO and processor. I play Heroes of the Storm regularly. I also have Steam and play most of my games on there now just because I can get them so much cheaper than console games and my computer renders them amazingly. I would like to try LOL just because of how popular it has become but it seems really similar to HOTS.

Which brings me to present day! I have almost no free time except on weekends which is when I do 99% of my cosplay builds and play games. I work a full time job and commute to and from the city everyday as well as travel. I also try to stay in shape because if I am going to do cosplay I don't want to be uncomfortable with my costumes because of how they fit me. I think this meme describes me perfectly.

That being said you can see my transformation from what I was when I started this journey to where I am now. I do not plan to try and make cosplay my career but a very intense hobby. I really have no other hobbies than hanging out with my dogs and playing video games. I like to have a creative outlet and the opportunity to travel and meet fun and exciting people who share the same interests as me!!

Other nerd things I like, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Sherlock, Marvel movies, (never really got into comics :/) , esports.

Now, why the name Basic B? Well, because I am basic as fuck. If you looked at me from off the street I am an undercover nerd. I wear typical corporate attire to and from work. I wear my subtle nerd attire on casual Fridays and occasionally rock my converse at work. I spend my whole train ride playing mobile games and searching new cosplays on my tablet. I also am a white, blonde, Starbucks loving basic bitch. I could keep that place in business on my own. Instead of fighting the stereotype I find myself in, I decided to embrace it and make it part of who I am. Why is it not ok to be "basic" and also a nerd? I don't see why I can't be labeled as both or not labeled at all. I am a bit rebellious and break the mold of what a woman should be. I can be sugar and spice and everything nice but I can also be the baddest bitch of them all.

TLDR: Hi, I'm Erin, a basic bitch gamer and cosplayer! I like Pokemon and Blizzard Games. Follow me on Facebook at Basic B Cosplay!

- Basic B

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