Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Rachet Peacock: How I made a feathered headdress from a golf visor

This is a post I updated and moved from an old blog I had. It had a decent amount of views so I updated it with more details as well as photos from when I actually wore it plus some new cosplay photos I took in it.  The headdress is really hard to store and some of the feathers got damaged. Otherwise this was really hardy. Super glue really does the job. I made this for the electric run not a con but I still liked the end result. It was actually comfortable to jog in.

I wanted to share how I made my awesome peacock feather headdress out of a visor. It was actually really easy and only took me about 30 minutes to put together. It cost me about $100 all together. Which sounds like a lot but it has 100 feathers on it, lights, and some gems. I could have probably gotten the gems cheaper on line but I was in a crunch so got them from the craft store. Here is what I used.

white golf visor
40 10-12" peacock feathers
10 6-8" white Ostrich Feathers
50 20" peacock feathers (pointy kind)
hot glue
30 ct mini lights battery powered
blue ribbon
blue rhinestones
5 pre-made headband feather attachments (to cover the front)

So I started by laying out all my feathers to see what it could look like. Here is what I got.
Don't mind the dirty table haha. 
So I started with the ostrich feathers and glued them on the bottom of the visor. 
I used hot glue in a line and pressed the stems of the feathers onto the hat. I burned myself many times. 

The next step was to glue the shorter peacock feathers on. I started in the middle and worked my way out. I had 50 feathers to use but only used 40. 

Next I added the long peacock feathers. I had to cut them down a few inches each because they were just too long. I started on one end and actually put a few too many on the ends and not as many on the top but I think it still looked ok. 

So the back looks horrific ....
Next I glued the premade feather things on the front. 2 pink, 2 blue, and 1 white with a little gem. 

I thought it looked plain with the white band so I went back to the craft store to get blue ombre ribbon and some blue rhinestones. I had to glue 2 strips of ribbon and about 20 gems. 

Next I just laced the lights inbetween the feathers gently. The battery back is duct taped to the back of the hat by the base of the feathers. 

And it's all done!!

Good luck and don't burn yourself on the glue!! The best place to get supplies is ebay or online. I got all the feathers for about 20 to 30 dollars where at the craft store they want a dollar a feather or even more. It's ridiculous. 

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