Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Blizzcon 2016!!

This past weekend I attended my first Blizzcon! I have only been to two other conventions so far so this was an entirely new experience for me. It was also the first time traveling to a convention with a huge costume. The costume that I have been working on with Adam was made just for this convention. It was so large it had to be shipped in two boxes and 3 checked bags. Needless to say it will not be going to anymore conventions other than local to where I live. 

I had so much fun at this convention! I really appreciated having badge pickup and store purchase pick up the day prior to the event. The line was an hour wait for store pickup but at least it wasn't wasting the time I wanted to spend at the actual convention. We decided to check out the Hilton that night and met  Frank Ippolito from Tested! We also met up with a few people from the Blizzcon 2016 Facebook group. Overall good first night. 

Meeting Frank Ippolito! Check out his work here!
Day 1: Dress up in the medic

Where does it hurt?
The plan on day 1 was just to walk around as the Medic. I had entered the costume contest but was about number 50 on the wait list. I checked in first thing and was told to come back. We walked around the convention floor for about 2 hours just to check everything out. It was incredibly overwhelming and I had no idea where to go. Being in such a large costume also made it very difficult to do much. I did meet Evil Ted though!! I couldn't get over how nice he was and complimented our costume build. He even put us up on his Facebook page! We did an interview together on Major League Gaming but I haven't found it yet. 

From Evil Ted's Facebook page. Click here!
So after a while we went back to see if I could get into the contest. We happened to get there at the right time because we somehow got in... I couldn't believe it. The only part that was a bit disappointing was that my judging time was right when the cosplay photo was at the fountain :(. I spent pretty much the rest of the afternoon in the cospitality suite because the costume was just so uncomfortable on my shoulders. I added padding underneath but apparently not enough. My shoulders are still bruised almost a week later. When it was finally time for the contest we sat backstage and I was almost last to go on. But it was just so worth it... 
Davann Srey Photography See his work here! from Gizmodo
I could here everyone cheering and screaming MEDIC!!! I didn't care that I didn't win or place. I had so much fun making this costume and showing it off. It made the whole trip worth it. We were so tired that we had dinner and went straight to bed. 

Day 2:

Cosplay for the day Striker Li - Ming from HOTS

So day two was about actually seeing the convention and going to panels. We were able to see most of the convention but didn't want to wait in line for the freebies. I didn't get to play any of the exclusive content but we did watch some HOTS finals and Starcraft II finals. Much better to watch live than at home. We left for a few and came back just because we were both so tired. I also missed the memo where everyone comes back in the afternoon to cosplay out front. Note to self for next year. We saw Weird Al's closing concert and I actually really like Weird Al so I enjoyed it. We left before the end so we could get dinner and not be waiting 8 years. Over all I really enjoyed the convention and can't wait to come back next year. I just need to start planning the next build!

Basic B out!!

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