Monday, November 21, 2016

Castle Crashers! I loved it so much I made It Twice!

My first round of castle crashers knights had me as the red knight. At the time the pink knight wasn't out and it was my favorite. I love this game so much and the characters were pretty basic. The hardest part was the helmet. They were made by scoring a piece of poster board and creating a cylinder out of it. The rest is covered in poster paper of different colors. The faces were drawn on by a very artistic friend. The helmets stayed on our heads from an inner piece of poster board with a hole cut out for just the top of the head to poke through. Real high tech stuff right here! I also made giraffey from a styrofoam ball covered in fabric. Here is the group from the first outing. I am the red Knight.

I remade the costumes 4 years later for an event called Chiditarod. Click here if you want to know more. It's a costumed bar crawl/race to raise food and money for the Chicago Food Depository. They were made the same way as before but we put hard hats on the inside to make them more stable. We also decorated a shopping cart to look like the first boss. The cart is covered in a layer of cardboard. Cement tubes make up the cannons and the ram head is made out of a box with stuffed pantyhose horns.

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