Friday, January 6, 2017

Steampunk Harley Quinn V 1 and 2

Here is my original Harley Quinn. The original design was from NoFlutter. I just pretty much bought all the pieces. I did make the tiny hat but that was pretty much it. I wore this for Halloween back in... 2014? This was way before I knew cosplay was even a thing. I don't have decent photos of it because I was wearing this to go get drunk in not photograph in.

The 2nd version is what appeared at C2E2 in 2016. This is what started it all for me. I loved this costume so much but I can see now looking at it in photos it still needs work for me to be happy with it. I want to actually make a corset myself as well as the skirt. I sewed together two skirts and added tulle to make it puffy. I also sewed together the jackets and added the ruffle edges. The corset was easy to take two and put together because it just tied. I added gold embellishment to it but I don't like how that turned out. Overall I think it looked good but again just not happy with the overall look. I did make the hammer and talk about how I did it in another post. I will do this costume justice and remake the whole thing to my liking. I also realized in these photos I am not quite as thin as I thought I was or used to be. This also got me started down my hardcore workout and diet plan for BlizzCon.

I decided to have this costume photographed professionally along with my Dreamfinder Cosplay. I hired Eddie B Photography for the shoot. This was my first ever photoshoot! I will go into more detail about that on another post. The images below are the ones I personally like the best. I was really happy with how many images came out well. It really highlights the hard work I put into making this costume. I don't think it came out bad for my "first" real cosplay. I also want to note that the first picture is before I started dieting and the photos after are when I lost 15lbs!!! It makes such a difference. 


I am always looking for constructive criticism. If you have feedback for my costumes or my attempts at modeling please let me know!


- Basic B

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